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Our Story

After retiring from technology management in 2014, Alvin began spending more time in the kitchen cooking for his family; however, he found himself spending inefficient time in the kitchen.

There had to be a better way than sifting through loose-leaf recipes in a binder and hand-writing a grocery list after finally deciding on the right meal plan for the week. But there wasn’t. So rather than wait for a solution, Alvin began developing one.

Where We’re At and Where We’re Headed

Over 5 years later and ourmealplan has grown in size with the entire family now helping to move the business forward. With a growing list of features, ourmealplan is now capable of storing recipes, assisting in meal plan creation, and automatically generating a grocery list.

Now that the essential features have been implemented, the next 5 years will be committed to the details of truly optimizing our user experience.

If you have any feedback our suggestions, start a conversation with us using the link below. We love to hear from you!

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A headshot of our founder, Alvin Chubbs

Alvin Chubbs

Founder & Developer

Alvin has a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Alberta and had amassed over 20 years of experience in the technology industry before retiring and ultimately founding ourmealplan.